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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we will post answers to your frequently asked questions.

Do you offer In-Person Classes?

Yes! We offer a combination of in-person classes, live zoom classes, and recorded classes.. Please sign up for email alerts to stay in-the-know regarding our COVID-19 protocols, sign-in procedures, class offerings, and the measures we’re implementing to keep you healthy.

Can't see my classes under "Your Profile"

The site is for members only, and you’re required to register. You also must be logged in to the site. (You’ll see your name on the right top of the screen. Once you’re registered, you’re logged in, and you’ve selected the classes you want to attend, you will see the classes under YOUR PROFILE.

Can I take the class when I want?

All classes are live and conducted at the time(s) posted. We are not offering recorded classes at this time.

Why can't I hear music in Zoom or recorded classes?

We are not allowed to play music for several reasons – primarily due to licensing issues. You are welcome to play your own music during class, or workout without music. If you’d like to listen to the same playlist an instructor is using, you can. Several instructors are sharing their playlists so you can download the songs any way you listen to music. Go to class descriptions for links and a list of songs.

Do I have to register more than once?

No. You only need to register for classes once. Registering means you’ve provided your first/last name and a valid email address, and we’ll validate that you’re a member in good standing. You are required to log in and sign up for each class you want to take.

How do I log in?

First, make sure you’ve registered with your name/address and email address. Second, if your device is not saving your log in information (or you’re alternating the devices you use to view classes, you’ll need to log in to access your account information an classes.

How do I know if I'm logged In?

There are several ways to see if you’re logged in. First, if you see your name and/or email address in the top right of your screen, it mean’s you’re logged in. Second, if you go to your ACCOUNT and you see your name and email already listed on this page, it means you’re logged in. If not, you’ll be prompted to log in. Third, if you see a list of classes you’ve signed up for under YOUR PROFILE you’re logged in and ready to take classes.

Can I take as many classes as I want?

Yes, you’re welcome to take as many classes as you’d like. Class participation maxes out at 100 participants. You’re welcome to sign up for classes through the end of the month. Each month the schedule will change.

Can I see the entire schedule at once?

Yes! Go to class schedule, click to see a drop-down menu, and click on “printable schedule” to download/open the PDF to see our current Monday through Saturday schedule. We do not offer classes on Sundays at this time.

I didn't get an email with a link. How do I log in?

First, you do not need an email with a link to log in for classes. There’s an easier way. Click here to learn how. Second, if you’d still like to log in via an email, make sure you’re looking at the correct email and not a notification. For example, you might receive a notification if the class was modified. Please link on the original email or use the alternative, easier method to log in.

Who do I contact if I have log in issues?

Do not call the front desk for assistance or submit questions via Facebook. The quickest way to submit a question is to submit an email on the home page or email us directly at This email inbox is monitored by Maura and Lauren, the administrators of this website. We will be happy to assist.

Why do I have to pay for American Dance Company?

American Fitness rents to various third-party vendors. American Dance Company activities are separate from the 25+ a week group fitness classes we offer.

Do you offer recorded classes?

Yes! We are offering an assortment of recorded classes for you to access when it’s most convenient to you! The recorded classes are free to active members in good standing. We are continuing to add content and different classes for you to enjoy.

Do I need a password for Zoom classes, and why?

Yes, we use the same Zoom password for all classes. Using a password allows us to keep this account more secure. The password was provided by email to members when you first registered on this website. Please email if you cannot locate the password in your email.